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Maria Anastasiadis, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mag, is engaged at the Institute for Educational Science at the University of Graz, Austria, where she has received the venia docendi in the subject area of social work and social pedagogy in 2017. She studied Educational Science in Graz and Berlin and received her doctorate 2004 with a dissertation on the future of work in Third Sector Organisations.

Between 2003 and 2007 she was engaged as a researcher at the University of Graz and at the Socioeconomic Research Centre in Vienna. During this time she carried out several projects, such as the knowledge transfer project “PopCultures” (funded by Graz cultural capital of Europe 2003) as well as research projects on the Third Sector in Vienna and on Aging in a Working Society (both funded by the European Social Fund and the Federal Ministry of Economics and Labour). Since 2007 she brings in her expertise at the University of Graz, where she has dedicated herself to research on social organisations.

In particular Maria investigates structures and cultures of various social organisations and their contribution to participation and social innovation. Further topics are processes of change in the welfare state and in the working society, as well as the role of social work in the interdisciplinary context of sustainable development.

Empirically she uses qualitative, quantitative and audio-visual methods of social research. Further she has dedicated herself to the advancement of participation-driven approaches, in terms of “pop-science” (public spheres opened by participatory science).

She publishes her research results continuously in form of books and articles in collected editions and peer-reviewed journals. Further she presents papers at renowned international Universities in Paris, London, Nottingham, Ljubljana, Dresden, Barcelona, Nitte, Mainz, Athens, Oxford, Roskilde, Rome, Porto and Stockholm.

Moreover she is involved in national and international networks, gives lectures at national and international institutions of higher education and conducts contract and feasibility research.





for the research award of the provincial government of Sytria 2017


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New publication
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Work Integration Social Enterprises in Austria. Characteristics, Evolution and Perspectives.

Nonprofit Policy Forum. Special Issue on WISEs (DOI 10.1515/npf-2016-0008)

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Recent Papers

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