Social Organzations as spaces for Participation

  • Habilitation
  • Regional research
  • Periode: till 2016
  • Method: theoretical and empirical fundamental research using multimethod design (group discussions, expert interviews, quantitative survey)


Social organizations act as social service deliverers in the third sector as agents between individual and institutional interests. Due to their intermediate position between market, state and community they open up spaces for lifeworld-related and structural participation, for their users, professionals and volunteers. However, at a time of growing risks of social exclusion (e.g. poverty, unemployment, migration) and rising necessities for social inclusion while simultaneously the welfare state is changing towards a more restrictive regime, it is utmost important to investigate particularly how professionals as lifeworld-oriented stakeholders can recognize and develop their opportunities further in participating in regional policy processes to co-design innovative, client-oriented services.
The study, which is located at the ridge of the areas of research, social work and politics, delivers a theoretically developed and empirically qualified analytical model which provides a framework to explore phenomena of participation in social organisations. Using a dynamic empirical design the study explores opportunities and challenges concerning participation in ecologically oriented work integration social enterprises (ECO-WISE). Also, it develops future options, which are promising to advance an eco-social regional economy.

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for the research award of the provincial government of Sytria 2017


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Work Integration Social Enterprises in Austria. Characteristics, Evolution and Perspectives.

Nonprofit Policy Forum. Special Issue on WISEs (DOI 10.1515/npf-2016-0008)

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